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"Licat volare si superturgum Aquila volat"

"Any man can fly if he rides on the back of an eagle"




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Lots of useful ideas and information for experimenters, inventors and generally anyone looking for an idea for a project or hobby! Projects and areas of personal interest are listed in the drop down menus above. All images on my site are enlargable to higher resolutions by clicking on them. The website is continually being updated, so check back often for new projects and software!



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SSC Pre-made controllers now available!!

For the first time, I am able to offer a pre-assembled and tested PCB's for the SSC Servo controller project, with this you can control up to 8 servos/ESC's/Switches using the OSC program. These controllers will be priced at £30+pp complete with USB-Serial cable. Please email me for more info. Or search ebay UK for "Serial Servo Controller (OSC) - from HVLABS.com"




OSC V1.20 has been released. Now with webcam feature!


- 20/12/10- SSC (Serial Servo Controller) V1.20 OSC has been released!!! New features include OSC Camera function. View a live webcam feed from your servo articulated camera!. Download and get cracking with those animatronic projects!


- 29/09/09 -Night Vision Scope A project I've always wanted to do. Read about my DIY Night Vision Scope here!


- 08/05/09 - SSC (Serial Servo Controller) PCB and Image files have been updated to correct some errors in the layout. 12V regulators have also been dropped from the design.


- 08/05/09 - Olly's Servo Controller has been updated to version 1.08, servo outputs can be limited to a certain range, speech output function has been added, servo outputs can be voiced as either angular degrees or numbers. Read more in the Servo Controller section.


- 08/05/09 - Field Strength Meter project under "other projects", build a simple DIY FSM for your radio/antenna needs!


- 08/05/09 - Forum has also been added to discuss experiments and lots of other topics! (Please join on the forum and show everyone your latest project!)



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